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What is Carnotaurus CMS?

Carnotaurus CMS is a content management system built on the ASP.NET MVC platform for generating content. This content may then be published on the World Wide Web and intranets. The big difference amid Carnotaurus CMS and its competitors, is that the content produced does not need to be deployed to a Microsoft based infrastructure. It consists purely of HTML and JavaScript. So, its content can be displayed from any web server platform. Once deployed, it does NOT need a database either, as any data is now part of a HTML content file. This gives it performance advantages. It's also highly scalable too. Please see the websites in our Carnotaurus CMS Showcase (below).

Ghost Pubs - Powered by Carnotaurus CMS

Locate those haunted public houses and read stories about them Ghost Pubs!

myPUBGUIDE - Powered by Carnotaurus CMS

Helps you find the best pubs in the United Kingdom myPUBGUIDE

COMING SOON: Haunted Hostelries - Powered by Carnotaurus CMS

Find out about haunted hotels and inns Haunted Hostelries!